One of the most popular pets that have a good relationship with humans is cats. Particularly, if these cats have long and shiny, round face and bright eyes, they will be added to their charm. These are the same characteristics of Persian cats In addition to the glamorous appearance; it has a lot of intelligence and calm, kind and loving behavior. Iranian cats, not only in Iran, but also in many countries of the world, have a lot of fans and can easily communicate with humans. These cats will love life more quietly and without crowds.


History of Persian cat

The true history of Persian cats has remained somewhat mysterious due to lack of racial intelligence. What is clear is that Persian or Asian cats have been exhibited for several centuries and first appeared at the first cat show held in Crystal Palace in 1871. Since then, the first fans of this breed have tried to bring Persian cats to the current standard. In fact, this race has not changed much since its first unveiling.



The cats usually have medium and large and short legs. These cats are round and large face that their coarse, calm and pleasant eyes, the most distinctive feature of their beautiful face. They also have a nose, a short, round head, and a strong chin with wide of jaws. Their neck is also thick and short.



Like other cat breeds, Persian girls also like to follow a steady stream and hate any change for any reason. They tend to eat at certain times and do not like to move home appliances. Quick cats prefer quiet surroundings to busy and tumultuous places. They enjoy being with their owner and caressing them. However, they do not have the necessary and dependent nature and can be left to them for a while, but they should not be overly abandoned in excess of them. Persian breeds are very clever, but they never run fast and prefer to think before anything. They also communicate well with dogs, especially when they are raised with each other.


Maintenance and cleaning

This breed should be cleaned continuously to ensure the health of their skin and hair. Persian cats need to eat well with a diet that meets all their nutritional needs throughout their lives, especially at an early age and aging.
Persian cats require a lot of clean hair due to their long and beautiful hair. Their hair should be regularly combed to prevent the formation of the knot.
Their eyes also require constant grooming to prevent the tears from drying or indulgencing. Their ears are also of great importance. If there is a lot of fat in the ear, it"s possible that it becomes a painful infection that will be difficult to remove.



The best food for these cats is food that is most nutritionally similar to what cats eat in nature. One of the most important features of hairbrushes is their long and thick hair. To care for these beautiful hair, they should have vitamins such as biotin, fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, and minerals such as zinc and iron.




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