Iranian food culture is an attractive and interesting part of their cultural relations. In Iran, food is highly respected and the tablecloth (Sofreh), where it serves, is worth a lot. Persian food has a lot of fans with a special color and aroma everywhere in the world. The popular belief in food culture in Iran is that food is God"s blessings. Hence, disrespect to food is equivalent disrespect to the Creator.


Additionally, it is very enjoyable to eat together for the Iranian people. Tablecloths, as the place where people get together three times a day, are very valuable to the Iranian food culture and individually eating a kind of disrespect for family members and it is considered to be a disadvantage in family relationships. But nowadays, due to the expansion of fast food and change in the style of Iranian food, their cultures have changed and many Iranian people use the dining table instead of the Sofreh.


In Iran, most foods are served on a plate with spoons and forks. But foods such as omelettes and all types of cutlets are foods that should be sliced into bread when they are called "mouthfuls."

Persian dishes are diverse and have a balanced nature in which each food should be consumed with its moderating food. For example, rice is cold and vegetables like mint, turkey and basil are warm. Hence, a vegetable basket that contains several different types of warm- nature vegetables is often found on Iranian tablecloths and has become an inseparable part of the Iranian food culture. Iranians are skilled chefs and often cook with these important points.


Good and bad food habits of Iranians

One of the good habits of Iranian people in the past was that they ate dinner immediately after sunset, and maintained a 2.5-hour interval between meals and sleep, which made digestion easy. Also, the consumption of fresh vegetables among Iranian people is very common and one of the main members of the Sofreh was considered food. Of course, at the moment, these good habits are popular among Iranians, but less than the past.

But the Iranian food culture, like other nations, has all the bad features as well. Including the high consumption of fatty and salty foods and Fry too much foods that cause many digestive diseases.


Prohibited foods in Iran

Some foods are forbidden in the Iranian food culture. For example, pork foods, as well as alcoholic beverages, have no place in Iranian tablecloth because of religious beliefs.




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