Caviar is actually a fish egg, called fish caviar or sturgeon. These fish are mainly heavyweight and weigh more than 100 kilograms. Since 90% of the world"s caviar is caught from the Caspian Sea, Persian caviar has a high reputation and quality. That"s why it is called "Black Caspian Gold". On the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea, especially the shores of the Turkmen port, is the most important fish caviar hunting place that only half of Iran"s caviar can be found there.

The value of fish caviar is not due to the use of meat, but because of its eggs, which is known as caviar or black pearl. Golden caviar, red and black are caviar types, among which black caviar has a higher value, although the nutritional value is almost the same.


The value of caviar"s nutrition

Caviar is a delicious meal that only some people can enjoy from it. But this food has many benefits. The caviar contains 35% protein, 64% fat and only 1% carbohydrates. Each tablespoon of caviar brings about 40 kilos of energy, 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat per body. Among its low saturated fats, and vice versa, unsaturated fats are higher, so like other aquatic products, it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and 30% of daily cholesterol.

The protein contained in the caviar has a high quality, meaning that all essential amino acids are appropriate for the body with proper proportions. Caviar consumption prevents depression and cardiovascular disease, because in the caviar there is a hybrid concentration called fatty acids, which is very high in omega-3 alcohol.

It is also very effective in nerve cell health. In countries where fish and caviar have a special place in food habits, the incidence of depression is much lower than in other countries. The caviar is also rich in iron, which is why it is also recommended to people with iron deficiency anemia.


The best caviar type

The best caviar belongs to the fish elephant, so to purchase the caviar should importance to type and grading because any kind of fish caviar is different in qualitative grade. The age of fish is one of the factors influencing caviar quality. Higher bass fishes have higher quality caviar, even larger. But younger fish have smaller eggs but a more refined taste that is more compatible with taste. Another important factor in caviar quality is its appearance, transparency, taste, odor, uniformity of ovum and color. If the eggs do not reach the stage, they are smaller and if they pass from time to time, they will lose their appearance and have a press and softness so caviar seeds should not be soft and also be so rigid that they will not be crushed in mouth.


Consumption instruction

Caviar is used in many different ways, depending on the culture and taste of people in each region. Many people eat it raw or with egg yolk or onion, and some eat it with fragrant vegetables or a small piece of bread and butter. Some caviar enthusiasts tend to cool it with a little spoon and no bread. Some smell of fish like it and its passion taste, although the taste and smell of caviar may not be pleasant at all.



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