Throughout its history, Iranians have participated in wars, depending on their military power. In some of these wars, victory has taken place, and some others have failed, in addition to many deaths, parts of Iranian soil have also been lost. But the study of Persian Wars shows that most of the wars between Iran and other countries have not been motivated to achieve wealth, and they have not been robbed of looting, and these wars either have a defensive aspect or a power-hungry aspect, even the ancient kings, including Great Kourosh, Conquer a lot without violence or looting other countries.


In the following, we will get acquainted with some of Iran"s most important history wars:


During the Achaemenid period, Iran entered eleven military battles, in which Achaemenid troops won seven wars, and four wars were accompanied by the defeat of Iranians. The most important of these wars include the Iran-Egypt War and the Greek-Persian wars.


Parthians and Sasanians

During the Parthian period, Iranians experienced six wars. The most important of these wars can be the war on Armenia, which occupies the entire territory of Armenia. In the pre-Islamic period, the Sasanians, as the powerful rival of the Roman government, carried out numerous wars with that state, and these conflicts continued until the end of their rule, and when Iran and the time of Rome conquered these wars.
The Sassanid captured vast territories on its territory, but this powerful and great government ultimately overwhelmed the power of the Muslim Arabs, and the Arabs attacked Iran with the least opportunity and succeeded in defeating the Sassanid government.


Arabs attack

The Arab invasion of Iran, or the "Conquest of Iran by Muslims," refers to the series of attacks on the Sassanid Empire in the 7th century, which began at the time of the caliphate of Abu Bakr, and at the time of Uthman, led to the collapse of the Sassanid state. These attacks also added Iran to The realm of Islamic caliphate. The conquest of Iran was the beginning of a gradual process of Iranian conversion into Islam, which lasted for several centuries.


Mongol invasion

One of the most terrible incidents that inflicted irreparable blows on Iran"s culture and civilization was the confusion of the Mongol invasion of Iran. Mongol invasion has caused more damage than cultural and spiritual damage. In this attack, scientific and cultural centers, like many libraries, were burnt down and destroyed. Many large cities have disappeared, followed by the lowest growth centers. Reducing the population and capturing and sending Iranian artisans to Mongolia led to a recession in Iran, and the destruction of the Qanats built over the centuries has led to a recession in agriculture.


Other Governments

In the Safavid period, the Persians saw eight wars. Afsharian, Qajar, and Pahlavi brought wars to Iran, some of which led to the plunder of part of the country"s land. Nadir Shah Afshar defeated the Afghans and, while dominating the entire territory of Iran, established the Afshar dynasty and had campaigns in India.
During the Qajar period, the influence of colonial powers such as Britain and Czarist Russia in Iran was developed and these powers, by imposing treaties such as Turkmenchay, Golestan, and Paris, split the vast territories in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Khorasan from Iran.


Iran - Iraq war

The Iraq war with Iran, known in Iran as the "imposed war", was the longest war in the twentieth century and the second longest war in this century after the Vietnam War, which lasted nearly eight years.
The war broke out officially on 22 September 1980 and ended on 20 August 1988.






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